Manned Guarding

We’ll help you protect your business by tailoring a custom solution that meets the needs of your company and fulfils your unique security requirements with manned guarding; whether that involves a single security guard or a full team monitoring security 24/7.

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Construction Site Security

Every construction site is at risk of damage, vandalism, and theft. It’s important to protect against these risks by using our professional site security specialists.

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Event Security & Site Control

Security plays an integral part of any successful event and it’s our responsibility to ensure that everything proceeds without interruption, allowing you to concentrate on the smooth-running of your entertainment and/or hospitality.

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Door Supervision

Door supervision is a key requirement to maintain the security and safety of both staff and customers in any venue, bar or club.

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Domestic & Personal Security

Ensure the safety of yourself or your clients with our close protection bodyguard personnel. Your close protection team will include highly skilled personnel, experienced in the realm of personal protection both domestically and internationally.

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Key Holding & Alarm Response

Northern Security International is a professional Lancashire-based keyholding company. We incorporate a range of security services into one easy access and control package.

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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV has a proven track record of deterring would-be thieves from breaking into or vandalising your property.

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Access Control

Northern Security International provides a complete range of access control systems and reader technology products to cater for the small, single door requirement, through to the large, multi-user networked solution.

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Bailiff Services

New to Northern are the Bailiffs services, as we see the collection of debts leads to Companies stability and often solvency.

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Mediation Services

It is hardly surprising that Northern decided to embrace a number of concepts in the ever-changing dynamics of the industries economical and progressive growth of its clients.

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