Dispute Resolution

Mediation is the key word in dispute resolution. Whether you are a small business, medium or large corporate company, disputes can be worrying and increasingly expensive in which a remedy can take many months if not years to reach resolve.

Mediation –v- Court

Conversely There remains many uncertainties both in terms of costs and the outcome once matters are escalated to court; but equally of importance is the added dilemma of having no control in the outcome of any decision, as the control and outcome is essentially taken from both parties and left to the middle ground of the decision maker who may not favour the views of either party and yet deciding against one to the cost of the other. In essence there is often no middle ground, it is simply win or lose; often leaving the losing party to pay their own costs and that of the opposing party.

The Civil Procedure Rules, which governs all types of disputes through the courts, recognised the need to try and reach an agreement long before matters escalate through the courts. Litigants can in some cases be penalised if they fail, or attempt to find some middle ground leading to resolve.

The procedure is relatively simple, leaving both parties to set out their case for discussion. The costs are a fraction of the final court costs and reaching some agreement is less expensive than waiting until the parties attend court, often leaving both parties trying to reach some agreement before starting the trial, however both facing substantial costs in the bargain.

Mediation allows both parties to explain their cases

On the other hand with Mediation, this allows both parties to stay in control and put their case forward and to some extent be heard. Often this is a good starting point and both parties are given the opportunity to advance their concerns whilst listening to both points of view.

The majority of cases referred to mediation lead to a satisfactory-resolve for both parties, due in part in those parties showing an interest in ending a dispute sooner rather than later.

Northern Mediation Services Limited (“NMS”) is the key to disputes

Mediation services offered by NMS covers most commercial disputes. With separate appointed offices for each party to discuss matters of concern without the other party being privy to such discussions, this often leads to a quicker solution in trying to reach some mid ground.

The NMS mediator will assist each party to advance the other party’s thoughts and hopefully lead to some better understanding therefore often resolution both quickly and at a fraction of the costs of escalated litigation.   After all, parties have the opportunity to fully discuss the dispute from their point of view/s and hopefully a better understanding in reaching resolve of the others.

NMS have linked up with a National mediation panel and therefore our team comprises of mediators from all diverse backgrounds, including retired judiciary, Barristers and other qualified personal. Whatever the dispute Northern can assist. The only exception is family law.

It follows that we can cover most disputes quickly and efficiently; so please give us a call and we can arrange for a clerk to direct you to the correct team specialising in your particular needs.

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